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5 reasons why I am exicted for my London trip (by Zuza)

Hi there! I hope your summer is just magnificent. Now that I'm finally back home after about 3 weeks... I'm leaving again. Not gonna lie - I've missed my sleeping in my own bed, but hey! I'll have whole school year to do that. Right now I'm just open to adventures and full of energy :) I can't belive that in 3 days I'll be in London. This would be my 3rd trip to England, and second to its capital. Unfortunately last time I was there, I didn't visit all the places I wanted to and since London is such an amazing city I decided to go back and do all the things I haven't done last time.

Hej. Mam nadzieję, że Wasze wakacje są jak najbardziej udane. Kiedy wreszcie wróciłam do domu po trzech tygodniach nieobecności... znowu wyjeżdżam. Nie będę kłamać, stęskniłam się trochę za spaniem we własnym łóżku, ale kiedy myślę o tym, że będę miała cały kolejny rok szkolny, aby to robić, od razu doceniam możliwość podróżowania :)  Nie mogę uwierzyć, że za 3 dni będę w Londynie. Nie mogę się doczekać tej wycieczki, jest tyle rzeczy, które pragnęłabym zrobić, a 5 z nich przedstawiłam poniżej:

1. Last time I was in London I had my old digital camera with me, which got broken during this thip. This was a nightmare, I had to take most of the photograps with my phone and the quality was horryfing. This year my parents gave me a suprise present for my birthday - a brand new Nikon. I was saving up for it, but to be honest I didn't even have half of the money it costed, so I was so happy when I recived it and since then it is my absolute essential.
2. I love reading books and since I'm trying to practise my English as much as possible(writing blog posts is also a way of practising it), I try to read all of them in English. In my home tow there are not many places where I can buy those books and generally they are really expensive. I tried buying ebooks on the internet, but what can I say I'm a bit old-fashioned, I love having paper versions of them. Last time when I was in England I bought 10 new books and this year I hope to buy more :)
P.S. Wow, I think I sound like a reall maniac, but thats just how things are :)
3. I don't think this needs a comment :) Black hat, flats, brown hat, striped t-shir: TOPSHOP
Yellow Polka dot dress, Overalls Dress, Brown Satchel: PRIMARK
4. Lateley I've become quite a fan of this show and I'm sure going to visit Doctor Who shop in London :)

5. The latst but for me most important thing. When you go to a different place/country it is not about the goods you purchase, I think it is all about what you see, learn and who you meet. I would be perfectly happy without buying another pair of shoes that will someday wear out and be replaced with other ones, but nothing can replace the memories of the new places I will discovered, new faces I will see, new things I will learn.

Hav you ever been to London? Have you got some tips to share?
I hope you are having the best time during your summer adventures!

xoxo Zuza

P.S.Only the first photograph is mine, I do not own the photgraphs of the items used in my list.

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  1. Oh, my!!! You are so very lucky to be visiting London AGAIN!! It's only a place I've dreamed about going to for FOREVER, and even moreso now with Sherlock and Doctor Who being my favorite shows. ;) Please do share loads of photos, m'dear.
    Thanks for leaving the kind words in my garden. They are much appreciated. xx


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