wtorek, 25 czerwca 2013

DIY: Mini magazine notebooks (by Zuza)

Hi! In today's quick post I would like to share with you a little DIY project I've done recently. It was fully inspired by the two lovely girl from abeautifulmess.  I must confess I've became quite addicted with their blog during last days + their diy projects are truly magical (honestly speaking at one point I spent about 5 hours just browsing the diy section on their blog - I know, quite stalker like :))
Here's a link to the post that inspired me to do the DIY. This notebooks were a present to my two friends. We've been talking about making a list of things we would like to achieve in life for quite a long time now. So I decided to make those so that we could get down to it properly. I know my diy is not perfect, but I'm a begginer.
One thing I can say for sure was that it was really fun to make those and I hope to make more DIYs during the summer and hopefully I'd become more crafty :)

What do you think of my mini magazine notebooks?
Do you like making DIYs?

Have a great Tuesday,

P.S. Unfortunately I won't be able to blog during first two weeks of summer but I prepared some summer related posts for you, and Kasia promised to post them for me. So please look out for those :)

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  2. such lovely notebooks! I understand your addiction to A Beautiful Mess, it's my favourite blog! I've been reading it since the beggining (even before ABM, when Elsie had a scrapbook blog), many many years ago, and I still love it nowadays!

    Drawing Dreaming

  3. Wspaniały prezent! Jestem pewna, że teoim przyjaciółkom się spodobał :) Może mi też kiedyś taki zrobisz? haha ;*


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